Sunday, August 17, 2014

Spiti Valley

Imagine a beautiful crescent shaped lake, with the most amazing turquoise colour you have ever seen.

White clouds scattered across a stunning blue sky, snow capped hills towering around the lake. It is bright and sunny, yet a chilly wind is blowing, which makes you want to zip up your jacket tighter and push your hands firmly in your pockets. There is green carpet of grass growing close to the waterline, but the rest of the hills are bare rock

In this idyllic landscape, there are just two of you walking, on a stony path, set around the lake – and there is no one else in sight

It is difficult to not feel euphoric, as you view Chandrataal lake from different angles – and different colours - as the sun plays hide and seek above. It is one of the most romantic places we have travelled to, where all we wanted to do is sit down by the lake, side by side, resting heads on each other – and keep looking at the waters in front of you.

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